After School Japanese Language Class


Course Description

Introduction to understanding, speaking, reading and writing Japanese.  After this class students should be able to communicate basic personal information about themselves, family members, friends, and school.  Children will be engaged in simple conversations in order to communicate with a Japanese friend; introduce themselves, ask about others, ask questions about the meaning or translation of Japanese words, and invite someone to various activities such as shopping and eating out in Japanese.  Children will engage in class through Japanese songs, games, short videos, utilizing computers, and writing/speaking Japanese. A special emphasis will be put on mastering Hiragana, Katakana, some Kanji, as well as basic communicative skills.


Materials: Please have your child/children bring notebook, binder (to store materials), and pencils. Agape Japanese Language School will provide rest of the materials.

For our After School Class, we offer MONDAY or WEDNESDAY CLASS. 


Monday Class is for students who speak Japanese at home/Intermediate Class.

Tuesday Class is for students who speak Japanese at home/Advanced Class.


Wednesday Class is for students who DO NOT speak Japanese at home. 


Monday and Wednesday Classes have different teaching styles as well as teaching approaches to grow student's ability and knowledge of Japanese Language. 


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