Activity Learning Center for Adults

**Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are currently NOT offering any Cultural or Social Group Lessons. We will start offering Private Lessons starting October**


Enjoy making friends and having fun while keeping your body and mind healthy!! Our services provide low impact exercises in the morning and mental fitness in the afternoon. Obento lunch purchase is available for the days that we have Oshokujikai (lunch party) and/or Karaoke Day. Complimentary tea will be provided after each classes (with exception of exercise class; water is provided after exercise class). Enjoy your complimentary tea after class while getting to know your new friends! 

 Regular Classes:

Computer Class

Smart Phones & Tablet Classes

Sumie Class (Black & White painting)

Japanese Calligraphy Class 
Karaoke Day


Exercise Classes:

Chiropractic Exercise Class


Zumba Gold Class

We offer bundle packages for both exercise class as well as our regular classes.  You can save money by purchasing bundle package! 

EXERCISE CLASS (Chiropractic Exercise, Zumba Class) $10 PER CLASS
ONE REGULAR CLASS (Including adult Japanese class) $20 PER CLASS
EXERCISE CLASSES: Chiropractic Exercise or Zumba Class
 3 CLASSES $28.50 (5% OFF) **$30 VALUE**
6 CLASSES $54 (10% OFF)  **$60 VALUE**
10 CLASSES $85 (15% OFF)  **$100 VALUE**
 5 CLASSES $85 ($15 OFF) **$100 VALUE**
10 CLASSES $165 ($35 OFF)  **$200 VALUE**

**Anyone of age are welcome!! Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent/s. Children price is the same price as adults.**