Vision & About

Our ultimate goal is to build a Japanese Senior Independent Living Community/Home in the South Puget Sound area.



Agape Japanese Language School provides Japanese language classes to anyone and everyone of age; from ages 3 years old to adults, and provides cultural classes to seniors with unconditional love and support. Agape Japanese Language School is committed to providing instruction in Japanese Language and culture, to assist students to enrich their lives by using Japanese for personal, academic and/or professional endeavors, and to enable students to succeed globally and flourish in a Japanese-speaking environment.


Statement of Purpose:

Agape Japanese Language School, a non-profit 501(c)(3) company was founded to provide support to the Japanese Community in the South Puget Sound area.

Many Japanese seniors fear and are worrisome of their future. Many would like to eat their cultural Japanese food, but as they age they are unable to cook on their own; thus, they would like to live in a senior facility that serves Japanese cultural food. However, there are no Japanese senior homes in the south Puget Sound area. 


The founder of this company, Reiko Mowery, felt a strong desire to help and assist these seniors living in the south area, as she was unable to assist the elderly in her own family. However, the funds she had did not match her vision. With over 30 years of educational background, she also saw a large need for a Japanese language school in the South Puget Sound area. Thus, she combined the needs of the Japanese seniors and the need for Japanese language instruction and opened the Agape Japanese Language School.

At the Agape Japanese Language School, we provide lessons to all ages engaging the students in learning that is productive and thought provoking, to ensure all students will be able to communicate in the Japanese language in a Japanese environment, and to succeed globally using the Japanese language.



All of the proceeds from these classes are invested into the Agape Japanese Language School to support the ultimate goal of building Japanese Senior home in the South Puget Sound area. 

Reiko Mowery

Reiko received her Master of Education Degree in Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She had been a teacher for over 30 years, and have taught various grades from Elementary to High School children. She has worked in Japan, Anchorage Alaska, and Tacoma, WA. 

Rina Wariner

Executive Director

Rina has been in the Hospitality Industry for seven years, and has held positions from Front Desk to Senior Sales Manager. Rina received her Business Management Bachelors Degree from University of Alaska Anchorage in 2010.