Japanese Language Saturday School in Tacoma, WA for Children ages 7-18 yrs old


Japanese Language Saturday School is for children 7 - 18 years old. Our Saturday School is designed for Child/Children that can speak but can not write Japanese, want to just brush up on their Japanese, or even if they have no experience. We accept ANY children, regardless of their Japanese Language skill. These classes will be taught by a professional and has a Washington State Teaching License as well as Certification.


We have 6 level classes for: Basic Japanese (LEVEL 1), Basic Japanese 2 (LEVEL 2), Comprehensive (LEVEL 3 & Level 4), and Advanced (Level 5&6) Classes.




Course Description


Introduction to understanding, speaking, reading and writing Japanese.  You should be able to communicate basic personal information about yourself, family members, friends, and school.  You will be engaged in simple conversations in order to communicate with a Japanese friend; introduce yourself, ask about others, ask questions about the meaning or translation of Japanese words, and invite someone to various activities such as shopping and eating out in Japanese.  You will also understand basic geographic information about Japan and various elements of the Japanese culture, such as: food, J-POP, and sports. 

**Writing will not be included in the Summer Program**



Course Description


Continuous from BASIC JAPANESE (LEVEL 1) Class.  Understanding, speaking, reading and writing Japanese.  This class will introduce Katakana and 120 Kanji words.

PRE-REQUIREMENT: Students must be able to read/write all Hiragana words.

LEVEL 3 & above CLASS 1:10PM - 3:10PM

Course Description


In Comprehensive Japanese class students who can read and write Hiragana & Katakana, will learn more Kanji to be able to start reading a Japanese book on their own, and will be able to write their own letters & essays in Japanese Language.

PRE-REQUIREMENT: Students must be able to read/write all Hiragana & Katakana words. 

Advanced Students

Course Description


Advanced Japanese class is for the students who mastered Hiragana and Katakana, can read/write easy Kanji words. Students will be able to learn more Kanji in this class, and to be able to read/write more difficult sentences that are in Japanese Books.

PRE-REQUIREMENT: Students must be able to read/write all Hiragana & Katakana and must be able to write some kanji.


SUMMER SEMESTER: July 6, 2019 - August 3, 2019


July 6, 13, 20, 27
August 3                                                                               
Summer Schedule
 7/6 Speaking Lesson & Learn Anime words!
*7/13* Sumie Class & Origami  (All students will attend: 10AM - 12PM)**
*7/20* Calligraphy Class  (All students will attend: 10AM - 12PM)**
*7/27* Japanese Tea Ceremony (All students will attend: 10AM - 12PM)**
*8/3* Make Sushi! *Cooking(All students will attend: 10AM - 12PM**

LEVEL 1 = 9AM- 11AM

LEVEL 2 = 11:05AM - 1:05PM

LEVEL 3 & above = 1:10PM - 3:10PM


*SUPPLY FEE OF $18 will be added on top of Tuition for Summer Class*

Materials: Please have your child/children bring notebook, pencils and snacks, as we will have snack time. Agape Japanese Language School will provide rest of the materials.


Tuition for Semester:

 One Time Payment: $165 (tax included) -- $33 per class, 5 Classes

*If students miss a class, we will send the missed materials via email or post mail.*

Monthly Payment Plan $38 per class

(4 Classes)
(1 Classes)


Due on 7/27

Weekly Payment $43 per class


Total of 5 classes---$18 material fee

Discount for siblings: 10% off (Tuition & Registration, no discount for material/supply fee)

Payment: We accept CASH, CHECK, CREDIT CARD (All credit card payment will have $0.75 fee applied on top of tuition). Checks payable to “Agape Japanese Language School”.
              **Fee of $35 plus tax will be added for NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) checks**

Please provide tuition payment before or on the day of your child's first class. 



If your child has never registered at our Japanese Language School, A new student Japanese Language registration form is required to register in any of our classes (this form is required only if your child has not taken our classes previously). There is a one time registration fee of $25 per child, 10% Discount available for siblings. Please see below for the Japanese Language School registration form for new students.

*If your child has not attended any of our Japanese Language classes for six (6) or more months, you are required to fill out another registration form and provide registration fee.*

10% Discount available for Siblings!



All courses are subject to cancellation, and schedule change. If a course or lesson is cancelled; the office will notify you and you will receive a full refund for the time cancelled. If Agape Japanese Language School cancels an entire course (Semester) the tuition will be refunded the amount customers have paid.


As commitment is needed to learn Japanese Language, lesson fees are not refundable after tuition has been paid unless permitted by the Instructor due to Emergency reasons. Classes fees (if student did not attend a class) will not be available for refund. If student misses a class, we will send you the materials via post mail or email. If students are unable to attend to class or not sure if students will be able to attend; monthly payment or weekly payment option is recommended as we will not be able to refund or roll over to next semester and we will not be able to just calculate the days students attend. However, we will send missed materials for the day missed.


We will not be able to calculate the days students attend or calculate without the days students will not be able to attend; if you are unable to commit to the full semester or monthly, we recommend weekly payments.   If a student is not able to attend a class due to schedule conflict after payment has been made, we will be more than happy to provide you with the materials your child/children will or have missed. We truly appreciate your understanding.



8815 South Tacoma Way
Suite 102
Lakewood, WA 98499
Phone: 253-212-3957